We Pay VAT

 What is VAT?

VAT=Value Added Tax. According to  the new provisions of European Union and HMRC,VAT is charged by a business and paid by its customers. Different rates of VAT apply in different EU member states. The standard rate of VAT is 22%. Here are some rates of different countries:

How does Romwe Work?

When you shoped on Romwe website, there is no VAT(Value Added Tax) or any other tax you need to pay. The price you saw on each products is the final price you need to pay. When your order shipped and arrived EU member states, Romwe will do the customs clearance, and pay the VAT tax. Therefor, the package will be directly shipped to your door, and you do not need to pay any VAT or duty.

Now, here are some countries that will enjoy such wonderful service, they are:  France , Spain,  Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Sweden, Netherlands,Belgium.

Still have Questions?

If you still have questions about VAT, please click Online Help for further information.


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