How To Submit A Ticket
Submit a Customer Service Ticket is easy and simple! Just follow the steps mentioned, here are some instructions. Let's get started!
1. Sign in to My Orders and find the order number you need to contact us about.Open the Order Details page by clicking on the View Details.
2. Click the help link related to your problem or question on the order details page:
3. Next you will go to the submit ticket page .Fill in your details message related to your problem. Please make sure your name and email are correct. Then click "Next" to continue.
4. If there are no problems, click "Confirm and Submit" to continue.Or you can click "Back" to change your information.
5. Your ticket now submitted successfully! Our customer service will respond to your ticket within 1 working day. You can click your ticket id to view your ticket detail.
6. You can click "Add Reply" to contact our customer service on the ticket details page. If you don't need any more assistance or your problem is solved, please close this ticket and rating for our customer service.
7. You can click on My Tickets to check our response and track the progress of your tickets. Click the ticket id to see our customer service response.